Two days ago, four American military in Kiev Ukrainian raped two girls. One of them had turned thirteen, the second – yet.

Two of the criminals, pedophiles – employees of private military companies, the other two – of the US Army. The latter belong to the personal staff Lieutenant General Hodges in Wiesbaden. It is unlikely that they arrived in Kiev for the sole purpose of raping children, but it is – it is their commander.

When Avakov greatly enhance the professional level of the police officers. As a result, the noise perturbations citizens police failed to identify dangerous pedophiles and attempt to conduct their detention in the restaurant on the Vladimirskaya street.

However, arrived SBU ordered police failing – army referred to the full diplomatic immunity, while militants American PMCs in Ukraine are also protected from prosecution.

I will not be called mercenaries, as their names are submitted fictitious, and it is not about PMCs with which everything is clear already. Names distinguished „The adjutant of his excellency”: Major and Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Shtrelzik. Walter Brodie.